On the first day of GCA 2024, it commenced with a distinguished gathering of ministers and CEOs from our esteemed sponsors, setting a dignified tone for our opening ceremony. Among the attendees were high governmental officials, diplomatic dignitaries from the Africa Union, representatives from the United Nations, guests from across the globe, international organizations, embassies, ministry offices, and spiritual leaders. Amidst an array of exhibitions showcasing various sectors including solar energy, agriculture, and electric cars, attendees embarked on a journey to explore innovative solutions aimed at fostering a better environment in Africa. Following this enlightening exploration, a series of insightful speeches was delivered, offering profound insights into how we can collectively contribute to the environmental cause.

The second day unfolded as a platform dedicated to stimulating panel discussions across diverse sectors, igniting robust dialogue and exchange of ideas. A notable highlight of the day was the presence of a special audience – seventh-grade students from the Maya International School. Invited to engage in panel discussions and pose thought-provoking questions, these young minds symbolized our unwavering commitment to nurturing the next generation as the future stewards of our planet. Their participation was met with admiration, and we eagerly anticipate their future contributions to the environmental discourse.

On the final day, a grand dinner ceremony was held to honor and recognize the exemplary work of exhibitors. It was our fervent hope that this recognition would serve as a spark for forging valuable connections and securing partnerships to further our shared vision of fostering a better environment in Africa.

The evening’s program was enriched with a captivating fashion show curated by CEO Heaven Belihu, featuring exquisite clothing crafted from recycled materials. The garments showcased in this fashion show were destined for the trash, but they have been given a new life thanks to the use of leftover fabrics. We firmly believe that by responsibly managing leftover fabrics, we can create new clothing items without contributing to waste. It simply requires intentional thinking and action.Through this show, we aim to challenge the notion that anything is disposable. Clothes, like other materials, can be repurposed and reused, whether for children, adults, or any other purpose. This demonstration is just one example of the many ways we can rethink our approach to waste.Today, these clothes are not merely garments for a fashion show; they are versatile pieces that can be worn on stage, in offices, and in daily life. This serves as a reminder that there is no such thing as waste when we prioritize recycling and reuse. In essence, our message is clear: there is no waste for trash. As the evening drew to a close, attendees seized the opportunity for networking over dinner, marking the conclusion of a successful and enriching event.

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